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Power Modules

SSDI's Application Specific Power Modules (ASPMs) combine the reliability of discrete semiconductors with the design advantages of conventional power hybrids. SSDI's Power Modules offer a complete circuit or system function in a single module for interface between a load and control of most application specific power functions. These modules are targeted for Military, Aerospace, Space and high reliability control applications. SSDI's Power Modules are ideal for applications optimizing board space and simplifying design assembly.

The SSDI power module approach utilizes discrete components (power rectifiers, Schottkys, MOSFETs, bipolar transistors, IGBTs, SCRs, linear voltage regulators) in SSDI's MILPACK surface mount packages. These elements are then screened and assembled onto a thermal lead frame assembly along with the required surface mount passive components (resistors and capacitors) and surface mounted protection devices (zeners, diode, transient suppressors, etc.) to produce the mini-circuit or system function desired.