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SSDI is a worldwide leader in power and high voltage semiconductor design and manufacturing. For over 45 years, our diverse and dedicated team has provided innovative solutions for semiconductor applications. We have combined our unique experience and background to provide a wide range of consulting services. SSDI is a specialist in high power/high voltage semiconductor technologies and Diminishing Source/Obsolete devices. By integrating engineering, manufacturing, and management, we provide unique and effective solutions for customers.

Design Support

  • Material Selection
  • Component Design
  • Construction Analysis
  • Package Design
  • Radiation Effects
  • Miscellaneous Consulting

COTS Management and Design

  • Reliability Assessment
  • Lot Selection and Qualification
  • Manufacturer/Vendor Selection
  • Testing and Screening

Manufacturing Support

  • Materials and Process Selection
  • Microelectronic Assembly
  • Failure Analysis
  • Sub-contractor Management
  • Wafer Fabrication