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  • Come by Exhibit T11 to discuss how SSDI's 50+ years of manufacturing HiRel discretes and assemblies contribute to supply continuity and program success
  • Four Points by Sheraton (LAX), Los Angeles, California
  • The premier event focused on the design, reliability, and application of electronic components for use in avionics, aerospace, military & commercial space systems.


  • 6 kW Hermetic, High Power TVS
  • Radiation Detector PIN Diodes


  • Tsukuba International Congress Center, Japan
  • Hosted by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

On Wednesday, April 5, 2017, SSDI presented some of the HiRel products developed for satellite applications to resolve reliability issues. 

  • Solar Array Bypass Diode: Two separate diodes in series and in parallel with silver plated flat leads to facilitate welding to the BUS bar.
  • SD0120 & SD0140: 1 A, 200 - 400 V Schottky diode arrays offer multiple options to meet or exceed the electrical and mechanical specifications of different applications.