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2018.01.29 - New Website Facilitates Browsing of HiRel Aerospace & Defense Products

New SSDI Homepage
New Homepage

SSDI is proud to announce the release of its new website, www.ssdi-power.com, which features hermetic components, assemblies and power modules for aerospace and defense applications. SSDI offers a wide range of products from Rectifiers, Schottkys, Zeners, MOSFETs, Transistors, Thyristors, GaN FETs, Power Hybrids, and much more. The new website facilitates the browsing of this vast product catalog with its enhanced filtering functions, product comparison function, and a new products list. The re-designed product tables and individual product pages provide expanded electrical data and product features before viewing downloadable data sheets.

The new account registration function will allow users to save their favorite products for quick reference. This feature also offers the option to subscribe to SSDI’s newsletter for the latest news, product updates, and new releases. The responsive / mobile design makes it easy to access SSDI’s catalog from both desktop workstations or on mobile devices while away from the office.

The new contact / quote request forms have been tailored to provide our sales staff the information needed to quickly begin the inquiry and quoting process. The content pages have also been expanded to provide a full picture of SSDI’s broad capabilities, which include engineering / design support, tooling / package modifications, end of life / sustainment support, wafer fabrication, high reliability screening, etc. With these extensive support services, SSDI is able to manufacture products to match specific program needs. Contact SSDI online or call (562) 404-4474 to request samples or discuss specific program requirements.

New SSDI Filters
Enhanced Filters

New SSDI Product Pages
Individual Product Pages - Quickly View Features and Expanded Electrical Values

New Features
  • Enhanced filter functions for improved browsing
  • Expanded content pages - learn more about SSDI's broad capabilities and in-house support services
  • Individual product pages - quickly view features and expanded electrical values
  • Mobile design - access SSDI's catalog on mobile devices while away from the office
  • New products list
  • Product comparison function
  • Save favorite products for quick reference
  • Subscribe to SSDI's newsletter / product announcements

Contact SSDI online or call (562) 404-4474 to request samples or discuss specific program requirements.