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2021.05.19 - New, Hermetic Silicon Schottkys Up to 150 Amps and 300 Volts

SED150LE100LL (150 A, 100 V Hermetic Silicon Schottky) and SED100LE300 (100 A, 300 V Hermetic Silicon Schottky)

La Mirada, CA – When a major defense contractor needed a high performance diode for their next generation high voltage power supply, SSDI expanded its Sedpack product line of hermetic, silicon Schottkys to meet their needs. SSDI’s proprietary Sedpack design consists of a eutectic die attach, which leads to better current carrying capabilities compared to devices using wire bonds. The high current SED150LE100LL provides 150 amps at 100 volts. This device also delivers high efficiency performance with a low forward voltage drop of 0.85 V typ (@ 25°C, 150 A) and low leakage current of 70 µA typical (@ 25°C, 100 V).

SSDI was the first manufacturer to offer 200 volt hermetic silicon Schottkys in 2012 and then became the first to offer 300 volt products in 2018. At 100 amps, the SED100LE300 represents the highest current device in the 300 volt hermetic silicon Schottky class. This device also delivers a low forward voltage drop of 0.86 V typical (@ 25°C, 100 A) and low leakage current of only 0.01 µA typical (@ 25°C, 300 V).

The Sedpack product line boasts over 25 years of military and space flight heritage. The high density, high performance, and high reliability Sedpack devices have been utilized on satellites, spacecraft, launch vehicles, and military aircraft. The package materials are chosen with the best CTE-match with silicon to minimize thermal stress. The optimized heat path provides low thermal resistance in a much smaller and lighter package than stud mount or TO-25X packages.

The SED150LE100LL and SED100LE300 are available in the Sedpack 3 package. The LE version with the bent lead measures .420" x .565" x .095" max and weighs 1.2 g typ. The Sedpack line also includes the smaller Sedpack 1, Sedpack 2, and dual center tap options. Contact SSDI online or call (562) 404-4474 for more information or samples.


  • Low reverse leakage
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • Hermetically sealed power surface mount package
  • Guard ring for overvoltage protection
  • Weight: 1.1 gr (typ)
  • TX, TXV, and S level screening available - contact factory

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