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2022.07.26 - High Current Density Schottky for Aerospace & Defense


La Mirada, California – Aerospace engineers continue to turn to SSDI’s SED20HE100 Schottky for new, high reliability designs in military aircraft, launch vehicles, rovers, and satellites. This 20 A, 100 V device is available in the SEDPACK 1 package, which utilizes a direct bond connection to the die instead of using wire bonds. This leads to a rugged device with enhanced current carrying capabilities.

One customer selected the SED20HE100 to improve the efficiency of a military aircraft design. The original design used a Schottky with a reverse leakage of 1 mA max, but the SED20HE100 provides a much lower reverse leakage of 5 µA max (@ 25°C, 100 V). Engineers also take advantage of the SED20HE100’s small footprint (.225" W typ x .36" L typ x .095" H) to maximize board space.

The SEDPACK product line has amassed over 30 years of military and space flight heritage by delivering high performance in small, lightweight packages. The SEDPACK 1 package can deliver up to 45 A and 300 V. At 300 V, SSDI offers the highest voltage rating for hermetic silicon Schottkys in the industry. For higher current needs, the SEDPACK 2 and SEDPACK 3 products use larger die to supply up to 75 A and 150 A, respectively. For more information about the SED20HE100 or other SEDPACK products (including PN junction Rectifiers, Zeners, and TVS devices), contact SSDI online or call (562) 404-4474.

SED20HE100 Features

  • Very low reverse leakage
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • Hermetically sealed power surface mount package
  • Guard ring for overvoltage protection
  • Eutectic die attach
  • 175°C operating temperature
  • TX, TXV, and Space level screening available

Schottky Sedpack Products: up to 150 A, 300 V

Rectifier Sedpack Products: up to 100 A

Contact SSDI for additional products including Zener and TVS Sedpack products.