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2020.09.21 - SSDI Releases New, Hermetic Dual GaN FET

SGF30E100Z8, Dual GaN FET

La Mirada, CA - Solid State Devices, Inc. (SSDI) continues to expand its hermetic GaN Power FETs line with the SGF30E100Z8, a 1000 volt dual GaN FET. When used in a half bridge configuration, this device delivers 15 amps of continuous drain current, but can also be connected in parallel to achieve 30 amps. Similar to SSDI’s other GaN offerings, the very fast switching SGF30E100Z8 has a low gate charge of 10 nC max and a low RDS(on) of 160 mΩ typ.

The SGF30E100Z8 consists of two GaN devices in one compact, hermetically sealed package, the 8 pin TO-254Z8. By replacing two devices with one SGF30E100Z8, design engineers can reduce the number of components needed, simplifying the design and assembly. The ability to use a single package also saves board space and reduces weight. The SGF30E100Z8 works with common gate drivers and its low gate charge simplifies the gate drive circuit. In the half bridge configuration, it can be used in many high reliability space and defense applications such as synchronous buck or boost converters, H-bridge motor controllers, and single phase or three phase inverters.

SGF30E100Z8, Dual GaN FET, Pin Assignment

SSDI continually pushes the envelope and provides unique, high power / high voltage products that facilitate the design process. Since program needs vary, SSDI’s technical team works with design engineers to deliver the solutions that meet specific electrical and mechanical requirements. Contact SSDI online or at (562) 404-4474 for more information or to discuss specific program requirements.


  • Two Devices in One Compact Hermetically Sealed Package
  • Connect in Parallel to Achieve 30 A
  • Can Be Used Individually or in Half Bridge Configuration (15 A)
  • 3rd Generation Gallium Nitride Technology
  • Combines GaN HEMT and Low Voltge Si MOSFET (Cascode) for Superior Performance
  • Works with Common Gate Drivers
  • Low RDS(ON)
  • Low QG Simplifies Gate Drive Circuit
  • Very Fast Switching for High Frequency Applications
  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • TX, TXV, S-Level Screening Available
  • Available as Normally On (without Si FET Driver)


  • High Efficiency DC-DC / PoL Converters
  • Motor Controller
  • Robotics / Automation
  • Military and Aerospace

SSDI's Hermetic GaN Power FETs Catalog is also available for download at SUPPORT > Literature
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