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2021.02.15 - SSDI Adds GaN FET at Input Stage for Enhanced Radiation Tolerance

SGR15E90M Rad Tolerant GaN FET

La Mirada, CA – SSDI’s latest hermetic GaN FET device, SGR15E90M, utilizes a GaN FET in the place of a silicon MOSFET at the input stage to provide enhanced radiation tolerance. The SGR15E90M’s cascode device structure consists of a high voltage depletion mode GaN FET at the output stage and a low voltage enhancement mode GaN FET at the input stage. The GaN FET at the input stage offers a gate-source voltage of +6 to -4 V and since gallium nitride is inherently rad tolerant, it will improve radiation tolerance when compared to a silicon MOSFET.

The SGR15E90M delivers 15 amps and 900 volts. It also features a low figure of merit with a low gate charge of 10 nC typ and a low RDS(on) of 160 mΩ typ. With its low figure of merit, low conduction losses, and low cross-over losses, these devices can achieve faster switching and higher efficiency compared to traditional silicon MOSFETs.

SSDI offers the highest voltage, hermetic GaN FETs for high reliability aerospace and defense applications (GaN FET products available up to 1000 V). With its enhanced radiation tolerance, the SGR15E90M is ideal for space applications (near Earth and deep space) such as DC-DC / PoL converters, motor controllers, and switch mode power supplies.

The SGR15E90M is currently offered in the TO-254 package. SSDI is flexible and can typically accommodate alternative packaging options to meet customers’ mechanical specifications. Contact SSDI at (562) 404-4474 to request samples or to discuss specific program needs.

GaN Technology Advantages Over Traditional Si Transistors

  • Wider bandwidth
  • Extremely low reverse recovery charge (QRR)
  • Low gate charge (QG)
  • Low drain to source on state resistance (RDS(ON))
  • Low temperature coefficient

Benefits for Circuit Designer

  • Higher efficiency
  • Fast switching speed
  • Low cross-over losses
  • Lower on state losses
  • Eliminates need to add free-wheeling diode

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