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2021.06.30 - High Voltage SiC Schottkys Developed for New Space Application

SSR20C180: 20 A, 1800 V SiC Schottkys

La Mirada, CA – Mission critical applications for aerospace and defense demand higher performance and reliability products than general purpose devices found in distribution and primarily aimed at commercial applications. Space and defense contractors rely on SSDI to meet the electrical, mechanical, and screening requirements that exceed the capabilities of standard distribution parts.

For example, the SSR20C180 SiC Schottkys were developed to offer a single high voltage device to meet the derating target for new satellite applications. This device offered the requested reverse voltage of 1800 volts and twice the requested forward current at 20 amps. The SSR20C180 also delivered a forward voltage drop of 1.47 V typ (@ 10 A) and junction capacitance of 325 pF typ (@ 10 V).

In addition to electrical requirements, SSDI can also respond to specific mechanical requirements as long as the die fits in the desired package. While the SSR20C180 can be placed in TO-25X type through hole packages, the SMD.5 and Cerpack packages were offered as the engineers requested hermetic, surface mount options to facilitate mounting and maximize board space. By partnering with its customers in this manner, SSDI is able to deliver engineering prototypes within several weeks so that they can quickly begin to evaluate the devices on their boards.

Aerospace and defense programs typically order small to medium volumes as needed over the many years of its life span. While commercial parts in distribution typically have short product life cycles, there is no incentive for SSDI to discontinue or obsolete its parts before a program is decommissioned. By meeting its customers’ application needs, SSDI benefits by maintaining this partnership for the entire life span of the program and works with the customer to maintain raw materials for future orders. Contact SSDI online or call (562) 404-4474 for samples or to discuss your specific program needs.


  • 1800 volt Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifier
  • Average output current: 20 Amps
  • No reverse recovery
  • No forward recovery
  • No switching time change over temperature
  • Small package size
  • TX, TXV, and S level screening available - contact factory

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