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2020.04.17 - SSDI Releases New Low Leakage Schottkys

SSR4015S1, Low Leakage Schottkys

La Mirada, CA - SSDI is proud to announce the new SSR4010S1SSR4015S1 series of low leakage Schottky rectifiers. These devices offer 40 amps of forward current and a maximum reverse voltage of 100 or 150 volts. Schottkys are often selected over conventional pn junction rectifiers due to fast switching speeds and a lower forward voltage drop. The SSR4015S1 has a low forward voltage drop of 0.79 V (typical at 40 A, 25°C).

In some circuits, the higher reverse leakage current of Schottkys can make it difficult to take advantage of those benefits. With an extremely low reverse leakage current of 0.4 µA (typical at 25°C, 100 V) and 10 µA (typical at 25°C, 150 V), the SSR4010S1 and SSR4015S1 offer fast switching performance without sacrificing efficiency.

With these electrical advantages, SSDI’s low leakage Schottky products are ideal for high efficiency, high frequency applications such as the output stages of switching power supplies, power management circuits, and other rectifier circuits. The SSR4015S1 series is available in the surface mount SMD1 and SMD1L packages. The customizable ribbon leads of the SMD1L reduce the risk of vibration stress and solder fatigue.

The SSR4015S1 is just one example of SSDI’s low leakage Schottky products in the 100 to 150 V range. This product line includes devices up to 80 A and multiple center tap configurations. SSDI supplies a wide range of hermetic packaging options and also has in-house capabilities for TX, TXV, and S level screening. Contact SSDI online or at (562) 404-4474 to request samples or to discuss specific program requirements.


  • PIV: 100 - 150 Volts
  • Low Forward Voltage Drop
  • Very Low Reverse Leakage
  • Hermetically Sealed Power Surface Mount Package
  • Ribbon Leads Option Available - Reduces Risk of Vibration Stress and Thermal Fatigue
  • 175°C Operating Junction Temperature
  • Higher Voltages Available - Contact Factory
  • Replacement for Ultrafast and Hyperfast Rectifiers
  • TX, TXV, or Space Level Screening Available

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