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2022.08.29 - New Zener & TVS Catalog

New Zener and TVS Catalog

La Mirada, California – SSDI has released its new Zener & TVS Catalog featuring new products and package options. As customers have increasingly inquired about alternatives to glass sleeve devices, SSDI has developed new LVA Zeners and TVS products in ceramic packages such as the SMD.22 and button tab packages. In addition to offering a wide range of package options, SSDI also aims to set higher standards for performance. For example, the ST160KS132FP5 offers 160 kW of peak pulse power and a standoff voltage up to 1320 V.

SSDI has the largest selection of hirel Zener and TVS devices in the industry. While the new catalog includes a wide range of products, SSDI has supplied many parts in accordance with SCDs, so its capabilities extend far beyond the published listings. SSDI welcomes special requirements and also offers cross references to respond to supply and sustainment issues. For more information or to discuss specific program requirements, contact SSDI online or call (562) 404-4474.

How SSDI Zener and TVS Devices Outperform the Competition

  • Wide voltage range: ≥ 2.4 V, ≤ 510 V for Zeners and ≥ 6.7 V, ≤ 510 V for TVS devices
  • High power capabilities: 250 mW - 200 W for Zeners and 150 W - 160 kW for TVS devices
  • Design flexibility: target key electrical characteristics (e.g. customize clamping voltage / slope)
  • Packaging flexibility: wide variety of hermetic package options
  • Sustainment Support: enhanced replacements for most competitors' parts (just about all 2 terminal devices)

SSDI's Zener & TVS CatalogZener and TVS Catalog is available for download at SUPPORT > Literature

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Visit the TVS product category (PRODUCTS > TVS) to view data sheets for TVS devices.