562.404.4474 JANS Certified / ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certified



• Average Output Current 50 Amps
• PIV 100 Volts
• Maximum Thermal Resistance 0.5°C/Watt
• 500 Amp Surge Capability
• Hermetically Sealed
• Choice of Three Terminal Configurations
• For Ordering Information, Price, and Availability Contact Factory.
SSDI introduces a complete series of Doublers and Center Tap Rectifier Circuits. Designed in cast aluminum cases to provide maximum thermal conductivity and simple installation.


Vr [V] 100
Io [A] $50.00
trr [nsec] N/A
Ifsm [A] 500
Vf typ [V] N/A
Vf max [V] $1.05
Ir typ [µA] N/A
Ir max [µA] $1.00
BVr min [V] N/A
Package SDA188