562.404.4474 JANS Certified / ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certified



35 A, 60 V, 0.035 Ω N-Channel Power MOSFET


• Rugged Construction with Poly-Si Gate Cell
• Low RDS(on) and High Transconductance
• Excellent High Temperature Stability
• Very Fast Switching Speed
• Fast Recovery and Superior dv/dt Performance
• Increased Reverse Energy Capability
• Low Input and Transfer Capacitance for Easy Paralleling
• Ceramic Seals for Improved Hermeticity
• Hermetically Sealed Package
• TX, TXV, and Space Level Screening Available
• Replaces: IRFY044 Types


Vdss [V] 60
Id [A] 35
Rds(on) typ [mΩ] $28.00
Rds(on) max [mΩ] $35.00
Pd [W] 63
Total Dose [kRad] N/A
Bv dss [V] $60.00
Package TO-257