562.404.4474 JANS Certified / ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certified

SMS (Glass Sleeve)


33 mA, 50 V Schottky Small Signal Diode


• Extremely Low Turn On Voltage
• Ultra Fast Switching
• Hermetically Sealed
• Replacement for 1N5711 and 1N5712 with Improved Thermal Resistance
• Primary Intended for High Level UHF/VHF Detection and Pulse Applications with a Broad Dynamic Range
• Axial or Square Tab Surface Mount Versions Available
• TX, TXV, and Space Level Screening Available


Vr [V] 70
Io [A] $0.03
Ifsm [A] N/A
Vf typ [V] N/A
Vf max [V] $1.00
Ir typ [µA] N/A
Ir max [µA] $200.00
Package SMS (Glass Sleeve)