562.404.4474 JANS Certified / ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certified

Axial Leaded (Frit Glass)


• High Photocurrent Sensitivity
• Linear Output > 4 Decades
• Fast Rise Time: < 20 nsec
• High Reliability Construction
• Hardness to Neutron Bombardment
• Tungsten Pins
• Low Operating Voltage
• Wide Dynamic Range
• Effective Detector of Nuclear and Electromagnetic Radiation (i.e. Gamma Radiation, Electrons, and X-rays)
• Not Restricted to Use at Low Temperatures; Temperature range of -65°C to +200°C
• Replacement for UM9441
• TX, TXV, and S-Level Screening Available


Vr [V] 100
Ip [A] $5.00
Iv [mA] N/A
Vf typ [V] N/A
Vf max [V] N/A
Cj typ [pF] N/A
Cj max [pF] 11
Package Axial Leaded (Frit Glass)