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2017.12.18 - SSDI Expands Hermetic MOSFET Product Line with 200 V P-Channel TrenchFETs

SSDI is excited to announce the expansion of its hermetic MOSFET product line with 200 volt P-channel TrenchFETs. These avalanche rated devices are available in three continuous drain current versions: 28 amps (SFF28P20 series), 57 amps (SFF57P20 series), and 110 amps (SFF110P20FP5).

These TrenchFETs offer low ON-resistance as low as 25 mΩ typical (SFF110P20FP5). They also have a low total gate charge as low as 215 nC (SFF28P20 Series). These devices are available in the following hermetic packages: TO-254 / TO-254Z (SFF28P20 series), TO-258 / TO-259 (SFF57P20 series), and the 5 pin Flat Pack (SFF110P20FP5). With the improved (RDS(on) QG) figure of merit and high reliability packaging options, these devices provide high efficiency and fast switching performance for critical military and aerospace applications such as converters, bridges, engine / flight control, and electronic warfare.

ID -28 A -57 A -110 A
VDSS -200 V -200 V -200 V
RDS(ON) 75 mΩ (typ) 35 mΩ (typ) 25 mΩ (typ)
PD 100 W 175 W 830 W
QG (@ 10V) 215 nC (typ)
350 nC (max)
450 nC (typ)
650 nC (max)
800 nC (typ)
950 nC (max)
Package TO-254
5 Pin Flat Pack


  • TrenchMOS Technology
  • Lowest ON-Resistance in the Industry
  • Avalanche Rated
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Low Total Gate Charge
  • Fast Switching
  • Improved (RDS(on), QG) Figure of Merit
  • TX, TXV, and S Level Screening Available

Contact SSDI at (562) 404-4474 or ssdi@ssdi-power.com for more information or to request samples.