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SSDI Expands Hermetic MOSFET Product Line with 200 V P-Channel TrenchFETs

These avalanche rated TrenchFETs are available in three continuous drain current versions: 28 amps (SFF28P20 series), 57 amps (SFF57P20 series), and 110 amps (SFF110P20FP5). With the improved (RDS(on) QG) figure of merit and high reliability packaging options, these devices provide high efficiency and fast switching performance for critical military and aerospace applications such as converters, bridges, engine / flight control, and electronic warfare. Contact SSDI for samples or to discuss specific program needs.
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SSDI Delivers JANS1N6512 - JANS1N6519 Series, the Sole JANS Certified High Voltage Rectifiers

SSDI utilizes its proprietary die stacking technology to manufacture the JANS1N6512 - JANS1N6519 series, the only JANS certified high voltage rectifiers. With maximum ratings of 1.5 A, 10 kV, and 70 nsec, these diodes are ideal for high efficiency, high voltage applications like electronic warfare and TWT radar systems. Contact SSDI for more information, samples, or to discuss specific program requirements.
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La Mirada City Council Recognizes SSDI's 50 Years of Business

La Mirada City Council Recognizes SSDI's 50th Anniversary

SSDI’s CEO and founder, Arnold Applebaum, received a commendation from Mayor Ed Eng and the City Council, “recognizing SSDI for its 50th anniversary milestone and long standing history of industry excellence and leadership.” SSDI currently occupies three facilities within a 3-mile area in La Mirada. With its recent acquisition of a three acre complex just two blocks from its Firestone Facility, SSDI looks forward to many more years of business with the city of La Mirada as its base for operations.
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New High Power, Surface Mount Option for N-Channel JFET

SSDI is proud to release the SFU290 / SFU291 N-Channel JFETs to replace Vishay Siliconix’s U290 / U291 series. The SFU290 series delivers very fast switching speed and low on-resistance. In addition to the 0.35 W drop-in replacement (TO-52), SSDI’s engineers developed a new 4 W surface mount option (SMD.22) for applications requiring high power dissipation. Contact SSDI for samples or to discuss specific program needs.
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New 1200 Volt SiC Schottkys Offer High Efficiency and Excellent Performance at High Temperatures

SSDI has introduced a new 1200 volt Silicon Carbide Schottky. The 15 Amp SSR15C120D1 series replaces the SSR05C100D1 and offers higher IO, VRRM, and IFSM than that previous series. SSDI was an early proponent of SiC products for aerospace / defense applications and continues to supply these high efficiency devices, which offer excellent performance at high temperatures.
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New Catalog: End of Life / DMS Solutions

SSDI offers end of life / DMS solutions to replace products from most manufacturers including Motorola, Texas Instruments, Microsemi, International Rectifier, Semtech, Siliconix, etc. The new End of Life / DMS Solutions catalog features examples of HiRel, hermetic products for legacy programs: JFETs, NPN / PNP Small Signal Switching Diodes, NPN / PNP Power Transistors, Rectifiers, HV Bridges / Assemblies, Full Wave / Centertap / 3Φ Rectifier Bridges, Zeners, TVS, Thyristors, PUTs, UJTs, and Triacs.
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