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2018.03.29 - High Density, Surface Mount PNP Transistor: 2 Amp Alternative to 2N3765, 2N4406 & 2N4407

2 Amp Alternative to 2N3765, 2N4406 & 2N4407

SSDI is proud to introduce the SFT4407 high density, surface mount PNP transistor. This 2 amp, 60 volt surface mount device provides an alternative to the 2N3765, 2N4406, and 2N4407, which are available in the TO-39 thru-hole package. The footprint of the SMD.22 package is less than half the TO-39 footprint, while its profile is 3 times smaller than the TO-39. While thru-hole packages require drilling for mounting, the hermetic, surface mount SMD.22 package facilitates efficient PCB design and mounting.

In addition to the board space advantages, the SFT4407 is ideal for high frequency applications with its turn on time of 30 ns typical and turn off time of 65 ns typical. The SFT4407 is commonly used as a general purpose amplifier or as a driver in more complex circuits such as a cascade amplifier. This transistor also offers a low saturation voltage of 170 mV typical @ 150 mA, which leads to lower power losses and higher efficiency.

SSDI has a long history of providing a wide range of innovative, high density, high performance, and high reliability solutions to best match the specific needs of each program. Contact SSDI online or call (562) 404-4474 to request samples or discuss specific program requirements.


  • Very Small Footprint: SMD.22
  • Radiation Tolerant
  • Fast Switching
  • High Frequency
  • Low Saturation Voltage
  • Enhanced Performance Replacement for 2N3765, 2N4406, and 2N4407
  • TX, TXV, and S Level Screening Available - Consult Factory

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