562.404.4474 JANS Certified / ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certified

16 Pin DIP


70 mA, 35 V High Reliability Electronic Protection Array for ESD and Overvoltage Protection


• MIL-M-38510 Compliant
• Military Temperature Range -55 to +125°C
• An Array of 14 SCR / Diode Pairs
• ESD Interface Capability for HBM Standards: 6kV (MIL-STD-3015.7)
• High Peak Surge Capability ±5A (4μs Single Pulse)
• High Reliability Hermetic Ceramic Packages
• Provides Over-Voltage Protection +30V (Single Ended Voltage Range)
• Fast Switching- 2ns Risetime
• No Thermal Fatigue
• Low Input Leakage Current- 1nA
• Low Input Capacitance- 3pF Typical
• Class B and Class S Screening Available
• Replacement for SP720MD, MM


Vin [V] N/A
Iout [A] N/A
Pd [W] 1
Vref min [V] N/A
Vref typ [V] N/A
Vref max [V] N/A
Vout min [V] N/A
Vout typ [V] N/A
Vout max [V] N/A
Package 16 Pin DIP