562.404.4474 JANS Certified / ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certified

Sedpack 2 (KB)


Optimized for 2.1V and 3.3V output powersupplies. The SUPER Schottky series has beendesigned to provide ultra low forward voltagedrops at low operating temperatures of 75°C.
• Low VF, less than 300mV at 75°C
• Low Reverse Leakage
• Surface Mountable
• Guard Ring for Overvoltage Protection and Ruggedness
• 100°C Operating Temperature
• Hermetic Package
• TX, TXV, and Space Level Screening Available
Typical applications include parallel switching power supplies, converters, battery protection circuits, and redundant power subsystems.


Vr [V] 25
Io [A] $60.00
Ifsm [A] 500
Vf typ [V] N/A
Vf max [V] $0.42
Ir typ [µA] N/A
Ir max [µA] $50,000.00
Package Sedpack 2 (KB)